Wednesday 21 February,

08 : 02 pm (African time)


The Crimes and evil committed during the 2019 Elections could be a great destruction for the poor, presently in Nigeria today the rich keep oppressing the poor, No more freedom of speech again "everyone Is afraid" whereas the poor keep voting, and suffering, The rich are never feed" All they do is lie to the masses saying "free education" employment or Job opportunities" hm! They try to buy the masses heart with 1 thousand naira during elections, sacrifices, death on daily basis just to aim power and fame...... The young youth have left their own future backwards, because of money that will not led them any where, becoming thugs, Assassin for the politicians hm! Wise up, We too can take the lead, and rule this country
Note "let's vote out any bad leader this 2019 Elections and safe our future together we can!

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